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Money Transfer Agent

Market Size – Money Transfer Business India
The domestic money transfer business offers a colossal opportunity for individuals to become money transfer agent (money transfer agency). As a proxy indicator of the size of the domestic remittance market, India Post handled 96 million money orders last year. 1 With an average remittance of Rs.780 the total value comes to around Rs.75 billion. This is just a fraction of the total size of the remittance business (money transfer business) in India, as most domestic remittances follow other formal and informal routes.

The online money transfer business or the money transfer agency provides huge earning potential in terms of commissions earned on domestic as well as international money transfer. The volume of the money transfer business is very high resulting into huge profits for the agents and thereby achieving self sufficiency in terms of income generation. Money transfer agency business has become a very lucrative business for most individuals desirous of starting business of their own.

The MOS-WORLD Advantage
MOS-WORLD is No. 1 Digital Fintech Company in India offering numerous franchise business models including online money transfer business (money transfer agency). The company is trusted by over 20k agents all over India including a large proportion of agents holding money transfer agency. The money transfer agents are linked to the most trusted bank through which they can send money across any bank in India and abroad.

How To Become Money Transfer Agent
The money transfer agency business with MOS-WORLD can be started with very minimum investment and basic formalities. In order to become money transfer agent or to know more from us please do fill in the form provided below; our sales executive will get in touch with you in no time … helping you with all the necessary information to start your own money transfer business with us instantly:

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Money Transfer Agent

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