Working with Us


MOS-WORLD is a leading franchise company based in Mumbai, India with branch offices being setup across different locations. The company is being trusted by over 30K business partners all over India and is growing rapidly.

We take pride in our workforce, and as an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate on race, religion, sex, color, age, national origin, or physical disability, but drive core humane and ethical values amongst all our employees

We believe in people capabilities, and know that their buy-into an organization’s vision and values is a deciding factor of the success of the organization.

The professional approach plays a key role in the success of any business model. MOS-WORLD has invested heavily – its genuine efforts, time & monetary resources to make the whole process to be transparent and professional. MOS-WORLD has developed varied business models to meet requirements of different individuals. All these and many more factors make MOS-WORLD an altogether business company offering a perfect environment to start your Career with MOS-WORLD.




We foster an Open Communication network amongst our workforce to empower them with ownership and flexibility to do their bit in achieving our cumulative goals successfully.

MOS-WORLD believes in encouraging our people to live their ambitions in a family work environment. We believe in enjoying the work we do, and create an enjoyable & creatively liberating work environment that gives our people the platform to refresh, and re-channel their efforts more productively.


Work Culture


MOS-WORLD is a nurturing organization, and is committed towards the well being and growth of our employees within their work and personal lives. It is our privilege to be home to some of the best minds in the service industry and we work on transcribing their learning’s into structured trainings that empower our people with the building blocks to excel in their endeavors




We take on a mentorship approach with our people and believe in hiring the skill and refining the potential to excel in all aspects of life. We take an active interest in our people’s ambitions by creating open communication channels for gathering feedback and understanding needs to build a more enriching work environment






We believe in our people’s capabilities and along with trainings we take a “teach by example approach” to motivate our people to be the best they can be. We have half-yearly and yearly award programs that recognize outstanding performers and inspire their peers to follow suit.







We have an open-culture policy where we endorse our people to voice their opinions through one-on-one interactions, discussion forums, meetings etc. Our HR team analyzes all opinions and drives initiatives to nurture and empower our people within the organization.





We have a strong & robust commitment towards capability & career building. Various learning interventions are designed/ offered to ensure that we prepare our employees to deliver their best in their current roles and also groom them to take on additional responsibilities



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