Become Authorized Franchise Agent

Authorized franchise agent

MOS-WORLD offers you a great opportunity to become authorized franchise agent (authorized franchise agency), which provides you with multiple earning opportunities. Opportunities to make 15k to 50 k per month availed by a network of over 20k agents all over India.

Multiple franchise opportunities:
  1. Income From E Railway Ticket Booking
  2. Income From money Transfer
  3. Income From Mobile recharge
  4. Income From Bus Booking
  5. Income From Flight Booking
  6. Income From Hotel booking
  7. Income From Tour Booking
  8. Income From Bollywood tours Booking
  9. Income From Utility Services

Authorized franchise agent

Benefits & Support :
Authorized franchise agent

The MOS-WORLD Advantage :
MOS-WORLD Franchise Opportunities are ranked among top 100 franchise opporutinities by the
"The Franchising World/Franchise Association"
Authorized franchise agent

MOS-WORLD is No. 1 Digital Fintech Company offering numerous franchise business models including authorized franchise agency. The company is trusted by over 20k agents all over India including a large proportion of agents holding authorized IRCTC railway agency. The authorized franchise agency comes with numerous travel business segments including irctc ticket booking, air ticket booking, bus ticketing, holding tour bookings, hotel bookings and more.

How To Become Authorisied Franchise Agent
One can become authorized franchise agent of MOS-WORLD with very minimum investment and basic formalities. In order to become authorized franchise agent or to know more from us please do fill in the form provided below; our sales executive will get in touch with you in no time...helping you with all the necessary information.

Become Authroised Franchise Agent In 3 Simple Steps:
1) Fill In Join Us Form     
2) Send Your Documents
3) Receive License & Start Businesss
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Authorized Agent
Authorized franchise agent

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